Anti-static vacuum foil bag characteristics and application areas

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Anti-static foil bag with anti-static, moisture and electromagnetic interference three functions, its unique four-layer structure PET / AL / PA / PE so that the tensile strength, tensile strength and puncture resistance are very high, Layers of the design, but also solve the semiconductor industry, IC integrated circuits, SMT, LED and precision electronics industries such as vacuum packaging requirements.

Anti-static foil bag shielding is good, the built-in invisible, the surface resistance of 108 ~ 1011Ω. Can play well to protect the electrostatic sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards. In addition, anti-static foil bag also has good moisture, oxygen barrier, high temperature up to 120 ℃, low temperature -50 ℃, heat sealing performance, safe, non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, bag surface can be printed Text, logo and so on.

Anti-static vacuum foil bag for all types of PC board, IC integrated circuits, LED, wafer, optical drive, motherboard, memory, hard drives, electronic components, electronic equipment, precision machinery, metal and other industries packaging.

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