Control of Microbial Activity Using Antimicrobial Packaging

- Sep 16, 2017 -

The antimicrobial substances used to activate packaging materials can be included in the groups of metals, chemicals, plant extracts, enzymes, and bacteriocins. The activities of each address a more or less restricted group of microorganisms, but their actions can be combined with those of other hurdles to enlarge the spectrum of microbial targets. They can be physically separated by packaging materials (e.g., sachets, dispensers, or capsules) or included in or coated onto the packaging. Only the latter are taken into account in this chapter. After an excursus on their mechanisms of action to control the growth and the activity of microorganisms, applications of antimicrobial packaging are reviewed. Distinctions are made between these applications on the basis of microbial targets, first foodborne pathogens, and then food spoilage microorganisms.

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