Barrier Films for Food Packaging

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Barrier Films for Food Packaging

One of the biggest challenges facing food is shelf life. High barrier packaging maintains a rich taste and aroma by creating a sealed barrier system. The EVOH High Barrier Film effectively prevents exposure to sensitive food from oxygen and water vapor. Products such as coffee grounds, snack foods and selected dry ingredients may be affected by any air or moisture entering the bag.

With barrier packaging, you can optimize the shelf life of your products and provide customers with maximum and long-lasting quality.we can work with you to ensure that your packagings are high barrier films.

Moisture Barrier Packaging

If your product requires extreme moisture and vapor safety, our High Moisture Barrier Packaging materials will help you get just that. High-barrier packaging pouches can be customized with protective layers and materials like film foil laminations, polyvinylidene chloride and high density polyethylene to keep unwanted moisture properties from entering the pouch or bag.

Moisture barrier packaging is a necessity for dry products such as powdered soup mixes and nutritional supplements.

Oxygen Barrier Packaging

High barrier packaging can also be a valuable film option for non-food (eg, daily chemicals and nutrition). Our unique materials are tested and validated throughout the high barrier laminating process to ensure optimum protection.

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