Beautiful materials PP food packaging more environmentally friendly and better

- Mar 31, 2016 -

Clear thermoformed packaging: transparent transparent agent for PP added beautiful Super series after MilladNX8000PP, manufacturers are able to produce lightweight PP thermoforming collapsible packaging. This package can be transparent like a PET packaging products, and can be suitable for microwave oven, can be recycled.

Easy to empty, eye-catching lightweight bottles: made of NXUltraClearPP transparent extrusion blowing, shelves, and appeal to consumers. NXUltraClearPP can be combined and complex bottle design of cool, more easier and faster than other bottles and empty it.

Packaging of polypropylene UV protection: to meet the need for extended shelf life. Beautiful ClearTintCUV is a specially designed for PP transparent absorbent. The additive can be inhibited in injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding of UV transmission. It protects the items in bags from UV radiation, while MilladNX8000 transparency of transparent PP.

UV-resistant transparent PET bottles: using ClearShieldUV additives made of PET plastic bottles, food protection for those sensitive to ultraviolet rays to prevent food spoilage. Beautiful ClearShield is an innovative additives, it retains the transparency of PET, and can block up to 390nm UV wavelengths. Its packaging to extend the shelf life of food, no need to add additional protection packaging materials used.

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