Canadian Plastic Packaging Recycling Is Growing

- Apr 20, 2017 -

Canadian Plastics Industry Association

According to the results of a survey of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, in 2015, the number of plastic packaging after consumption increased by 0.4% over the previous year. The organization said that in 2015 at least 322 million kilograms of recycled plastic packaging in Canada was recycled, an increase of about 1 million 300 thousand kg over the previous year. These data are the result of a voluntary survey of the manufacturer, exporter, material recycling facility and other relevant agencies of the recycling device.

In these recycled plastic packaging, high-density polyethylene bottles accounted for a very large proportion, the recovery of about 5 million 700 thousand kg. Other categories of recycled plastic packaging add up to about 4 million 400 thousand kg. The association also said that recycled plastic packaging includes plastic bottles, cooked food and bakery food packaging and dairy products, production containers and some film.

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