Plastic film

- Jul 11, 2016 -

Plastic film is a thin continuous polymeric material. Thicker plastic material is often called a “sheet”. These thin plastic membranes are used to separate areas or volumes, to hold items, to act as barriers, or as printable surfaces.

Plastic films are used in a wide variety of applications. These include: packagingplastic bagslabels, building construction, landscaping, electrical fabrication, photographic filmfilm stock for movies, video tape, etc.

Hangzhou Zhongsu Packaging Materials CO., LTD. is a professional and innovative enterprise which focus on R&D and produce the multi-layer co-extruded barrier film. The company operating the full realization of ERP management system and the production of network informatization. We have a high performance team of experienced, exquisite skilled and innovation. The production base conform to the 10,000 GMP standard of closed and pure air-conditioning production workshop, the introduction of Germany W&H eleven-layer co-extruded cast advanced production line. With an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons of multi-layer co-extruded barrier film.
The company passed the ISO9001 International Standardization Organization, obtained the BRC certification. Through the testing of National Quality Supervision and Testing Centre of Plastic Product, the products conform to the standard of American FDA. The film products uses the latest co-extruded casting craftwork to develop all kinds of packaging materials function comprehensively. Does not contain benzene and other solvent residue, all plastify reusable, conform to the trend of world environmental protection nowadays.
Hangzhou Zhongsu Packaging Materials CO., LTD. is dedicated to all kinds of industry products of reliable packaging plastic film, do everything with innovation and profession, provide the reliable functional plastic film packaging nowadays and in the future.

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