The main application of plastics in packaging industry

- Mar 31, 2016 -

1. Shock-proof cushion packaging material

Mainly using polystyrene, foam made of low density polyethylene, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride. Foam by foaming and cross-linking degree or not, two types of hard and soft; according to the bubble structure, closed and open holes in two, the density is 0.02~0.06g/cm3, with good heat and shock resistance, primarily as a package liner. Between the two layers of low density polyethylene films filled with bubbles made of thin films, known as the bubble plastic or air cushion film, the density is 0.008~0.03g/cm3, for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and small precision instruments. Polystyrene or low density polyethylene extrusion machine into easily vaporized gas under pressure, made by extrusion blow molding foam sheet, called a bubble paper, then use heat forming method, can be made into food packaging trays, trays, egg boxes and fast-food packaging, and so on.

2. Sealing materials

Include sealants, gasket and Cap lining and so on, is a kind of adhesive and viscous paste or liquid elastomer sealing, polyurethane or ethylene-vinyl acetate resin as main ingredient, used as a sealing material buckets, bottles, cans. Soft PVC sheet of rubber or nontoxic, can be used for bottle caps, tank cover gasket.

3. Belt material

Including the tear film, adhesive tape, packing tape, rope, and so on. Adhesive tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive adhesive applied to a film base, or kraft paper on the base, the back of the release liner. If you use adhesive tape reinforced by glass fiber along the axial and tensile strength can be improved, as banding material is extremely easy to use. Pressure-sensitive adhesive stickers onto paper or foil color back, commonly known as self adhesive stickers. Hot-melt Adhesive and ethylene-vinyl acetate resin emulsion is the main packing case sealing adhesive consumption accounted for more than packaging adhesive 80%.

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