A New Green And Environment-friendly Film Technology

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Because of its beautiful appearance, convenient use and low cost, fexible plastic packaging has been widely used by consumers in the daily consumer goods such as food and medicine. However, due to the limitations of the performance of various single-layer materials, it is usually necessary to combine multiple materials to meet the needs of various packaging products. At present, most of the Chinese manufacturers use a composite process that is dry compounding. The dry compound process is an early production technology introduced from Japan and Europe. It is characterized by mature technology, stable quality, and a wide range of applications. However, dry compounding also has its inherent drawbacks. Due to the large amount of organic solvents used in the production process, it will cause harm to the health of the operators. In addition, organic solvents that remain on the packaging film will migrate after contact with food, drugs, and other contents, ultimately affecting the health of consumers.

At present, China has paid increasing attention to the safety supervision of food and medicine. Similarly, higher requirements have been put on the safety performance and environmental protection of packaging materials. Therefore, for the fexible plastic packaging, the dry process composite process will eventually be eliminated due to its inherent defects. Seeking a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly composite process has become an important issue in the soft plastic packaging industry. In the 1970s, Germany invented a new type of green composite technology, solventless compounding. In the 1990s, this technology was introduced to China. Our products are produced using this technology to ensure that products are safer and more environmentally friendly.

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