Cast Film CPP Aluminum Front And Rear Barrier Difference

- Mar 31, 2016 -

Cast CPP film through melt casting cold snap, makes a free drawing, non-directional flat film, Yan and multi-layer co-extruded, laminar flow in two ways, compared with the film blowing process, which is characterized by high speed, high output, transparency, gloss and thickness uniformity of the film very well. Also, because of the flat extrusion, film the follow-up processes, such as printing, laminating and so very convenient, in the food and medical supplies has a very wide range of applications in the packaging.

The so-called barrier, usually refers to the packaging materials on the oxygen and water vapour barrier, barrier more resistant, more oxygen, water vapor in the air is not easy to enter the package inside, naturally, does not affect the contents of packaging, barrier strong packaging material are often called high barrier material, but is called a low-barrier material. Packaging materials for oxygen and water vapour barrier is one of the key factors of product length of shelf life, generally, the shelf life of high barrier material is generally longer than the shelf life of low-barrier material.

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