Casting CPP Barrier Test Method

- Mar 31, 2016 -

1. differential pressure method

Differential pressure method, namely, vacuum pressure difference method.

Test principle: will was test sample placed in two a test cavity Zhijian, first on Xia cavity pumping vacuum, then on whole system pumping vacuum, reached specific vacuum degrees Shi, closed test Xia cavity, and Shang cavity pass into test gas (oxygen or other test gas are can), makes was test sample of sides formed a constant of pressure poor (usually: pressure poor for 1atm=101kPa), due to pressure poor of exists, oxygen will from high pressure side "penetrating" film penetration to low voltage of side, Through the low pressure side pressure sensors can be measured through the amount of oxygen, resulting in the barrier properties of packaging material data.

2. equal-pressure method

Equal-pressure method, also called the Coulomb electricity.

Test principle: will was test sample loaded clip in two a test cavity Zhijian, sample of side is flow of oxygen, sample of another side is for flow of nitrogen, oxygen will from high concentration side "penetrating" film arrived sample of another side nitrogen side, penetration to nitrogen side of oxygen will was flow of nitrogen carry to oxygen sensor, through analysis calculation oxygen sensor of signal size can get packaging material of oxygen barrier sex data.

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