Casting CPP The Importance Of Other Performance Indicators

- Mar 31, 2016 -

With the increasing market demands, cast of CPP applications continue to expand, and rapid development speed, cast film products and the materials used have become increasingly updated. Be sure to cast film status and share in the packaging market, consider only the cast film barrier indicators is not enough, also the coefficient of friction, elastic modulus, heat seal performance control, yield strength, thickness indicators, so as to meet the needs of production of packaging material again, as well as the development needs of the market.

Material CPP flow extended film has excellent of packaging characteristics, again plus increasingly constantly innovation of various improved technology, will will convection extended film of innovation promotion, and application gives great of promote, overall, with social of development progress, market needs constantly increased, flow extended film of application will will increasingly more application in packaging of various field, while also will on whole packaging market of progress up to active of push promoting role.

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