First Homemade Casting Film Production Line 5 M World Applaud For Chinese Press

- Mar 31, 2016 -

With the improvement of standards for foods, medicines, daily necessities, such as packaging, as well as the rapid growth of market demand, CPP (PP casting film), CPE (PE cast film) and other products in short supply, but the overall design of domestic manufacturing, manufacturing process, as well as the quality of raw materials and production have severely constrained the development of film processing enterprise in China. Especially large scale, high speed, high performance, highly automated, highly accurate with international advanced technology, and meet domestic market demand for tape devices also need to rely on imports. Therefore, industry development by foreign technology export restrictions, tariffs and other barriers to trade restrictions.

The outstanding advantages of the device are:

1, adopt international advanced weight loss type extrusion control system, control the thickness of the product; and unique behind the design, adjustable pressure extruder.

2, adopt international advanced automatic die head, improving product quality and service life of the equipment.

3, using advanced servo motor, energy-saving aspects better.

4, the distribution of power-cooling thermostat system, flexibility to effectively regulate a cooling effect.

5, the introduction of foreign advanced thickness gauge, effectively track and control the thickness of the horizontal and vertical.

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