HC: The Plastic Industry Hot Spots In Recent Five

- Mar 31, 2016 -

Under the State's major decisions to resolve the overcapacity, to the capacity of the PVC industry effectively 2016 market prices continued to rise, Northwest of PVC production enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, boost the market price say.

Attention to objects of PVC by calcium carbide process Enterprise: Eagle is the group, Reckitt Benckiser, Hubei yihua, three billion chemical industry, British special forces, smarter shares, in the days of the original group, Pacific chemical.

The methanol to olefin industry chain form the pattern of imbalance of strength

After the loss of coal gasification project in economic, a troubling prospect, enlarging hindrance of coal system of PP, PE, polyolefin markets currently in short supply conflicts will intensify, while stopping or delaying driving new coal chemical projects, methanol demand to form methanol to olefin industry chain downstream of the disadvantaged, strong patterns, can be configured from the pattern of strong assets.

Film industry: "cold waves" thinking under the surge

Along with social progress and the improvement of environmental, degradation of plastic film for its long abandoned White pollution-prone, has become the focus of environmental protection departments. An inflection point in the industry development, workshops, extensive, low technology content businesses will be eliminated, to seize market opportunities and adapt to the development of innovative, functional thin film wave will usher in a new round of development of the enterprise.

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