How Do I Reject Poor Packaging?

- Oct 21, 2017 -

Food bags contact with food, the daily contact with the food bags, do you really understand it?

What is a composite film bag for food packaging?

Composite film is composed of two or more than two kinds of materials, the general use of plastic, aluminum foil, paper and other materials with bonding, heat sealing method, with protection. A bag made of composite film is called a compound bag.

Food packaging with plastic composite film (bag) products have been issued by the national and industry standards have 8, the main indicators of the standard physical and mechanical performance indicators and health performance indicators.

The physical and mechanical properties of the main factors are tensile strength (or tensile strength), elongation at break, peel strength, heat strength, anti-pendulum impact energy, water vapor transmission, oxygen permeability, bag pressure performance, bag Of the drop performance, heat resistance to media, oil resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance and so on.

(65% ethanol), potassium permanganate consumption (water), heavy metal (Pb), evaporation residue (4% acetic acid), evaporation residue (n-hexane), evaporation residue (65% ethanol) Decolorization, solvent residue, sterilization index and so on.

In general, the bag and its soaking solution should not smell. Toluene diamine is a composite adhesive commonly used in our country. They migrate through the inner layer of the bag to the food, and these free monomers are immediately hydrolyzed into aromatic amines at high temperatures, such as TDI hydrolyzed to toluene diamine (TDA). Toluene diamine is a medium toxic substance, mutagenic activity, carcinogenic to the experimental animals, and thus harm the health of consumers. Therefore GB9683-1988 "compound food packaging bag hygiene standards" provides a toluene diamine index to control the free aromatic isocyanate migration.

Which food is packaged in a composite film bag

Common foods such as instant noodles, biscuits, puffed food, candy, milk, milk powder, beverages, cooked food, beef jerky, chestnut, mustard and so on are packaged in a flexible film.

How to identify the quality of composite film bags for food packaging

1, through the nose smell, some poor quality composite film bag with solvent residue, irritating smell.

2, hand scraping composite film bag surface coating, part of the poor composite film bag paint adhesion is not strong, paint off.

3, observe the composite film bags with or without stratification phenomenon, some poor quality composite film bag composite strength is low, prone to stratification phenomenon.

4, check the bag pocket sealing is solid, composite film bags can withstand a certain tear pull and so on.

The quality of food packaging bags need to pay attention, it will affect the quality of packaging or shelf life, so the selection of food bags to be careful!

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