Laminating Film And Folding Method

- Oct 09, 2017 -

laminating film price base laying folding

The base surface must be in accordance with the design requirements to clean up, which is to ensure that the key to anti-seepage effect, especially for the sharp stone, roots and other debris to be completely cleaned, the base surface is not allowed to have local bumps, With rammer or ram plate rammed, so that it is flat and smooth.

Composite laying folding

When the film, must be from the upper and lower laying. Between the membrane and the membrane and the film between the base surface to be flat and tight fit, but should not pull the film too tight, generally slightly loose, but not in the membrane at the end of the bubble. Because the geomembrane is relatively thin and very light, after the shop, in the absence of paved before the protective layer, easily blown by the wind, so a film area should not be large, the best side of the film cover cover soil material.

According to the manufacturers to provide information, composite geomembrane width of 1.0 ~ 1.9m, the project selected 1.9m width, to reduce the joint materials. Joints are hot stick, adhesive, lap and other methods, the design of the project using adhesive, seam width 50mm.

If you find the geomembrane puncture or tearing, must use three times the area of damage to the geomembrane adhesive paste make up.

Protect the face fold

By the geomembrane 10cm thick protective layer of soil material must be sifted, not allowed to have more than 6mm particle size particles, or easy to pierce the geomembrane. Protective layer of soil materials must use ramming dense, to ensure that the dry capacity of more than 1.5, and at any time sampling test. Backfill protection layer and masonry block stone face, be sure to lightly, so as not to break the geomembrane. In the block under the stone surface, should be filled with 100mm thick gravel or gravel cushion to prevent water level changes, wind and other factors and the impact of brushing soil protection layer. Dry block stone to take artificial hanging shop paved, the stones should be tightly embedded, the surface layer of stone weight should be greater than 48kg, all the gaps are filled with small pieces of stone.

Peripheral processing folding

The requirements of the surrounding boundary treatment are to make the composite geomembrane close to the surrounding soil, seal the seepage inlet, cut off the lateral leakage path, prevent the seepage from entering the bottom of the geomembrane, form the blister, and break the geomembrane The So the surrounding border must dig the sink, and the geomembrane buried in the tank.

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