Members Of The Shi-Cheng Plastic Machinery More High Specification

- Mar 31, 2016 -

Shi Cheng, Guangdong plastic machinery co is China's first professional production of high-end wide casting film production line manufacturers, currently has 200 patents for invention, recently the company 4800mm CPP equipment on successful acceptance, the acceptance of the outcome will be that of a "well-known".

China's first professional production of high-end wide casting film production line manufacturers-Guangdong Shi-Cheng plastic machinery 4800mm CPP recently successfully acceptance. Shi-Cheng more than more than more than 40 wide 4000mm running CPP line will add a new one.

According to customer requirements, acceptance into operation this equipment aluminum-plating membrane with air running in two parts, customers on the film quality and speed (no-load 300m/min) and other data are very satisfied.

Further to create a cast film equipment since the broad casting film equipment, Shi Cheng, Guangdong has been leading the development of the company, has said the company has more than 400 runs in the global production of casting equipment, CPE line nearly 40 of them last week and a 3600mm CPE membrane production line successful acceptance.

Shi Cheng, Guangdong company has focused on casting film development and promotion of equipment, as the dominant unit of standard-setting, at the high end, give particular attention to the wide width, high speed casting film field, now has nearly 100 patents and other patents in core technologies such as dual channel master roll and other advantages on the basis of a patent for invention, Shi Cheng continued to upgrade the equipment.

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