Plastic Film "technology To Keep Warm" For Agricultural Production Of Cold Wave

- Mar 31, 2016 -

Super cold spell hits a few days ago, the city's historical extreme minimum temperatures in some areas close to or breaking, broad range of low rain and snow had a serious impact on the city's agricultural production, many farmers get notice early preparation, early action, better prepared to actively take contingency measures, crop protection against cold and freezing conditions, try to minimize the loss.

Dragon fruit cultivation base of Nghe an agriculture Director BO HE: "Fortunately the agricultural station to call us to do cold-freezing measures, also called behind our film, otherwise loses much, do not do (cold-freezing measures) equals all gone. ”

27th, Dragon fruit cultivation of GUI Yi Zhen ' an agriculture base, reporters saw, tightly covered with plastic sheeting, under plastic sheeting, a dragon fruit seedling growth is gratifying.

BO HE told reporters that he heard recently in the weather cooling down some time ago, but temperatures have been lower in the winter, he didn't mind. Until the agricultural workers to the base shows the power of the cold wave is likely to be hurt fire dragon fruit, which only pay attention to. By many measures in advance, BO HE fruit has not been a major impact.

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