PVC Protective Film Can Be Used For Food Packaging?

- Oct 21, 2017 -

PVC, PC, PET how to see how these are almost the same material, almost captured most of the life of the protective film, many people also carry the concept of what is the difference, do not know what material protective film can be used, what materials The protective film can not be used. Life is the most common kind of protective film we must use every day, that is, food cling film, then, you know that its material is what? pvc protective film can be used for food packaging?

First, first look at what is pvc protective film. PVC protective film is based on its film substrate to distinguish, because it is PVC film substrate, so called PVC protective film, PVC light transmittance is relatively high non-crystalline chemical plastic, it can also be made transparent. The main purpose is through the affixed to the protective film on the items, so that the package of goods in the transport process will not scratch the surface, such as stainless steel stamping paste when the protective film will not leave traces. From this point of view, it is difficult to say whether the pvc protective film can be used for food packaging.

On the current market sales of plastic wrap, can be divided into polyethylene (PE) film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) plastic wrap. PVC film is transparent, but contains more plasticizer, can not be packaged with fat food, can not be used in the microwave oven, or may lead to cancer and other diseases; PE plastic wrap less transparent, but can be packaged with fat food, Can be used in the microwave; PVDC plastic wrap on the basis of PE also has a fragrant function. At present, the major supermarkets in the major sales PE plastic wrap, in the use of relatively safe and some. However, in many agricultural wholesale market, PVC cling film accounted for a large share, although a small number of PE plastic wrap sales, but most are not identified. There are people in the vegetable market to eat the experience will know that when the small shop to buy food bags have a pungent taste. Whether it is now clear rules, or life experience have told us that pvc protective film is not suitable for food packaging, if you buy vegetables in the vegetable market to use the pvc protective film, after going home must remember to meet in line with national regulations Of the food cling film.

In a very long period of time, the food used in the packaging are pvc material protective film, which to a great extent affected people's health, also to the environment has brought a great burden. However, with the increase in people's awareness, will know that the use of different materials, plastic wrap is not the same, pvc protective film can be used for food packaging? Of course not, because the state has banned the use of food packaging.

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