The Method Of Making Food Packaging Film

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Food packaging film is used to wrap on the food surface, mainly used to isolate and decompose the entry of microorganisms, bacteria and foreign pollutants, and prevent and prolong food deterioration.

There are many ways to prepare food antibacterial packaging film. One is the antibacterial agent made of antibacterial masterbatch, the antibacterial agent or antibacterial masterbatch and resin single extrusion or salivation is prepared, can also be used as the surface layer and the other layer is extruded to form a common antibacterial composite film. Another is by coating or steaming the antibacterial agent on the resin film.

For the antibacterial film made from antibacterial masterbatch, because the thickness of the membrane itself is thin, it is required that the particle size of the antibacterial particle is smaller, and the particle size distribution is relatively narrow or the organic antibacterial agent that can be dissolved in the resin is used. The effect of the addition of the general antibacterial agent or the antibacterial masterbatch on the mechanical properties of the film is not obvious, and it has no adverse effect on the printing properties of the film. However, the barrier properties of some films will be affected. Therefore, when selecting antibacterial agents and antibacterial masterbatches, we should pay attention to the influence of antibacterial agents and antibacterial masterbatch on the properties of films, and select suitable antibacterial agents to ensure the performance of packaging meets the requirements of application. The general packaging materials are LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, cellulose membrane, edible film and so on.

For the way of coating or evaporating to the thin film, the barrier performance of different plastics is quite different. If the base material is damaged during the process of coating and coating, it will still affect the quality of the final product. The surface performance, polarity, surface roughness, percentage of oxygen and nitrogen atoms on the surface of plastic film will affect the bonding strength of the film and antibacterial agent, thus affecting the antibacterial property. Besides, before coating or evaporating the antibacterial agent onto the film, we should pre treat the surface of the film substrate, improve the surface energy and improve the adhesion. PET, PA, PVC, BOPP, LDPE, etc. are usually used for coating or steaming.

In addition to satisfying the mechanical properties, printing performance and display performance of food packaging materials, the antibacterial packaging films of the world have high requirements for the hygienic properties of food packaging materials. China's national standard GB-9687 regulations for food packaging materials, hygiene requirements, material requirements of normal color, no smell, no smell, no foreign body, and the evaporation residue, Potassium Permanganate consumption amount, heavy metal content, decolorization experiments accord with the corresponding requirement. The US FDA has made specific provisions on the composition of food packaging materials, the specifications of additives, the conditions of use, the dissolution requirements, the chronic toxicity test requirements of food packaging materials, and the subchronic toxicity test requirements.

For the composite antibacterial agent in food packaging, in the Japanese market of organic antibacterial agent of three triazine preservatives and pyridine as antibacterial agent compounded three triazine compound antibacterial agent, antibacterial agent, antibacterial effect increased by 3 - 4 times. The development research center of national engineering haierkehua engineering plastics organic antibacterial agent and inorganic antibacterial agent composite antibacterial agent, antibacterial agent KFHS series overcomes the problem of single function. In addition, the nano TiO2 can be added to the inorganic silver antibacterial agent in the food packaging film to solve the problem that the antibacterial effect of the silver system antibacterial agent is slow.

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