The World's Five Biggest Packaging Trends In 2018

- Mar 15, 2018 -

In 2018, we might see:

◆Packaging will play an important role in reducing the waste of global food and product production

◆Online brands need to consider their packaging to improve their consumer shopping experience

◆The clean and concise packaging information delivered by the brand will be sought after by those who like the simplicity

◆The brand can make a contribution to marine environmental protection from the packaging and influence the next generation of the circular economy.

◆The modern packaging style will be more prominent in the central market.

Environmental protection packaging

Today's one-off culture will gradually become a consensus, and the packaging of products will play a major role in reducing the waste of global food and products.

The world's leading market research company Mintel recently released five or will affect the global packaging trends in the next few years.

For a long time, consumers believe that packaging is often unnecessary and eventually wasted by consumers. But this misunderstanding is now changing. The innovation of packaging is devoted to prolonging the freshness of the food, protecting the ingredients of the food and ensuring the safety of the delivery. Brands need to take actions now, using packaging as a communication channel to guide consumers to understand the benefits of packaging, extend the shelf life of food, and provide efficient and safe basic products to all parts of the world.

Electronic packaging

As more and more consumers receive online shopping, packaging will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between brands and consumers.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular all over the world and can be seen everywhere in the global market. Although the main advantage of online shopping is convenience, consumers' expectations are still more from their favorite brands. When a well designed package needs to be viewed online or when the freight package is opened to the home, the experience of e-commerce packaging must reflect consumers' expectations in store shopping.

Clean label 2

The brand will refuse to provide too much or too little information for packaging design that guides consumers' purchase decisions, which may make shoppers more puzzled about information involvement.

Although consumers are more knowledgeable than ever before. But when they are plagued by overloaded information, they may be in conflict with the brand. The design principles of "essentialism" bridge the inevitable ambivalence of consumers when they make open and confident purchase decisions. Brand must bring a new generation of clean label for packaging design, and provide a calm and clear time for consumers in the increasingly busy retail environment.

Protection of the ocean

Floating plastic packaging in the world will become a catalyst, which will help brands reconsider product packaging in the context of consumers' understanding and implementation.

Consumers' demand for different kinds of safety packaging is promoted, which affects shopping decision making. Only through hard communication, brands can overcome the growing consumption barriers. Collecting plastic garbage from the ocean to make a new package can improve the consumer's awareness of the environment, but it can not solve the problem fundamentally. In order to keep plastics away from the ocean, new efforts should be made on the recycling economy to ensure that more environmentally friendly packaging materials are put into use.

Regain popularity

The brand will look at the packaging of the modern sense to re engage young consumers to see the mall walkways that are less patronized.

Young shoppers are more and more "looking around", visiting fresh or frozen products around the store, and then returning to the processing and frozen products in the center area. Packaging made with transparent materials can create a sense of openness and trust, and meet the interest of a new generation of consumers - fresh, healthier foods. The design, recycling, and unique shape of the sense of modernity can also attract young consumers.

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