What Is Vacuum Packaging?

- Jan 23, 2019 -

The packaging state is formed by attaching a packaging film to the article. The packaging is mainly used in the fields of bacon, ham, sausage, fish, kimchi, seasoning, miso, noodles, frozen food, biscuits, medicines, precision equipment parts, communication optical equipment and so on. Since the air in the package has been evacuated, it is possible to effectively prevent the spoilage caused by microorganisms, the rust of metals and parts, and the like. However, due to the limitations of the vacuum inside the package, the food is usually sterilized at 80 °C after packaging. The size of the package is also in the smallest form for easy transportation, storage, and heat sterilization. The packaging method is divided into two types, that is, the nozzle is directly inserted into the bag, and the nozzle is directly inserted into the nozzle to evacuate the gas in the bag and the freely openable sealed space is embedded between the bag and the article. A film that can simultaneously vacuum and dissolve the Chamber. The average surface pressure of the earth's surface is 760 mmHg. In a container that can withstand this pressure, a vacuum pump is used to evacuate the air to form a vacuum state. If the container is not resistant to atmospheric pressure, the container will shrink into a mass during the vacuuming process. (Non-food vacuum packaging) The easiest way is to use a plastic syringe to block the inlet in a completely sealed state and then retract it to form an internal vacuum state (here, there is almost no air). Vacuum technology is widely used in science and industry as well as in the industrial field due to the following characteristics of vacuum. The force generated by the pressure difference, the ultra-quiet environment, the heat effect of the group, the long-range flight of the particles, the evaporation and sublimation, the maintenance of a stable plasma state, the suppression of biochemical reactions, and the provision of a cosmic environment.

The application of vacuum technology covers almost all industries. With the increasing integration of semiconductors and the development of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum devices, their importance is increasing. The following are representative applications of vacuum technology.

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