Yongtai Entrepreneurs Explore The Method Of Using Waste Plastics To Produce High Quality Building Templates

- Mar 31, 2016 -

"Now the site templates are generally made of wood, throw five or six times, building a 1000-square, 30-storey buildings, use templates to cut 32 acres of trees planted 20 years, too bad. "Liang Yifeng said that for now, his goal is to bring products to market as soon as possible.

"Our templates for building construction consumes about 50 million cubic meters of wood each year, if the plastic template to replace the wood template, producing 100 million square meters of plastic composite template, it saves 4.5 million cubic metres of logs, equivalent to 54,000 hectares of forest conservation and comprehensive utilization of waste plastic 1 million tons. "Peng Chao said.

According to reports, the bamboo glue formwork service life is generally about 6 times and the plastic templates have access to more than 50 times, scrap recycling again after use.

In order to promote the plastic template replace the wood template, at the same time accelerate production, beam peak has developed a plan for future development. After "the site using the plastic template, we can be recycled by weight, be s new template 20%. "He said, and hoped that in the near future, high strength plastic templates are sold all over the more building sites to achieve" plastic wood ", an" ecological Fujian "building part.

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